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NORTHSEALIVING in Thyborøn is an initiative that focuses on business and experiences. We aim to engage all senses through fun, games, edutainment and activities that offer insight into life by the North Sea. 
The activities of NORTHSEALIVING are all based on the existing potential of our area, such as our businesses, our information centres and specific sights and events.
Thyborøn has an active environment based on the harbour, including an industrial harbour, a fishery, tourist attractions and a yachting marina. All this, combined with wide-open spaces and a broad, high sky, means that Thyborøn offers a recreational and undisturbed atmosphere not found elsewhere. 
NORTHSEALIVING connects the harbour area to the surrounding landscape. It is divided into three focus areas: Food, Diving and Experience. Thyborøn and its surrounding areas offer a range of experiences. 
Once the vision of NORTHSEALIVING has been implemented, among other things, there will also be a coastal playground, where children and childlike adults can play and learn, and a food street, where visitors can learn about and taste new seafood.
You will also be able to go diving in a safe environment in the new diving centre or around one of the wrecks in the deep sea.